More than just beautiful homes

Summerwoods is more than just a collection of beautiful homes – it's a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood provides quality amenities for its residents. When we built Summerwoods, we specifically selected amenities that enrich the lives of our residents.


Members Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse is the perfect place for small or large gatherings. Our Members have game nights, family functions, even weddings at the Clubhouse. It's your multi-function gathering place. So, whether it's a friendly board/card game, a sports event on TV, a community or holiday dinner, or a private party, the Clubhouse is here for our Members to enjoy.

Come, join us, and live your Summerwoods life.

Members Pool

Whether you're intent on swimming laps, floating with a noodle, exercising with friends or by yourself, you'll find our pool the perfect place for low impact workouts. But it's more than that. Relax poolside on a lounge chair, sit at a table with family or friends, socialize, release the stress, and enjoy life! Why not be part of our lifestyle? If you do, you won't want to leave.

march clubhouse 060.JPG

Members Fitness

Fitness has become such an important part of all our lifestyles, and it's so convenient to have a fitness room right here in the Clubhouse.

So, if you're looking for an elliptical workout, a treadmill walk/run, a bike experience, or some free weights, we have it all.

Open all day and evenings, the Fitness Center is available to residents whenever the mood strikes. So come to Summerwoods, put on your sneakers, and get a good workout!


Members Tennis

Do you want a singles or doubles match? Are you looking for a good workout, or just a friendly game of tennis? The choice is yours. What we know for sure is that you'll enjoy the game on your court, close to your Clubhouse, and close to your home.